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Dan Rosenberg

Strategy & Talent Acquisition Lead
Copenhagen Capacity


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Copenhagen – A New Era: Talent Attraction as The Driving Force Behind Green Transition

Strategy & Talent Acquisition Lead, Dan Rosenberg, is heading the company relations team in the talent department of Copenhagen Capacity, the official organization for attraction and support of international companies, investors and professional talent, with the goal of continuous, sustainable growth in Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region.

The green energy transition is expected to generate 10,3 million net new jobs in 2030. On top, the largest growth barrier for Danish companies has for years been the lack of specialists. If Denmark want to keep up the position as front runners in the green transition, the need for international talent is higher than ever. Therefore, Copenhagen Capacity and 36 national partners has taken the initiative to run a 3-year EU project to attract & connect local and international talent to Danish companies, and to guide companies on how to hire international talent and academics.

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