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Geerte Udo

Director, amsterdam&partners


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Amsterdam – Destination Enlargement and How Amsterdam is Helping its Tourists Behave

Geerte Udo is the CEO amsterdam&partners. Since 2013, she has led the marketing strategy at amsterdam&partners, using her analytical mind to develop strategies focused on the profiling and presentation of Amsterdam and the metropolitan region. She balances the needs of various stakeholders (local residents, companies, visitors) as she implements successful product and service concepts. She closely monitors all regional developments, translating the ever-changing environment into a clear marketing direction and approach. Geerte is responsible for the foundation the I amsterdam campaign, which expresses the Amsterdam DNA in a visible, appealing and relatable way.

Amsterdam is a popular destination to live, to work and to visit. To keep it livable, lovable and prosperous for everyone, and to create a more sustainable and inclusive metropole for the next generations, amsterdam&partners redesigned their visitor’s economy. This was designed in co-creation with residents, business, culture en knowledge institutions. The main goal of the new strategy is that the visitor’s economy adds value to the destination and its residents again and does not harm the livability.

That starts with placemaking, building a better reputation and managing the massive amounts of tourists that come to the city each year. In recent years a strategy has been activated to help tourists to explore places in lesser-known parts of the city and outside the city center, and to help them, well - behave, while they're at it.

Photograph: Ilvy Njiokiktjien / DER SPIEGEL

Photograph: Merten Snijders/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

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