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Irina Tolstousov

Head of the Country Brand Promotion Department
Invest Moldova Agency

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Diaspora Engagement in Talent Attraction

Irina Tolstousov serves as the Head of the Country Brand Promotion Department at the Invest Moldova Agency, where she spearheads initiatives aimed at promoting Moldova as an attractive destination for investment and talent. With a focus on diaspora engagement, Irina leads efforts to harness the skills and networks of Moldovan expatriates to attract talent back to their homeland.

Join us alongside Irina Tolstousov as we explore the critical role of diaspora engagement in talent attraction. Gain insights into Moldova's innovative strategies for reconnecting with its diaspora community, leveraging their expertise and connections to drive economic growth and development.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Irina Tolstousov's expertise at PLACExNordic, where we uncover the power of diaspora engagement in shaping Moldova's future as a hub for talent and innovation.

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