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Jette Jorgensen

Managing Director Hubs
Strategic Development and Innovation, IKEA

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Revitalizing Urban Spaces: Building Resilient Communities for a Sustainable Future

Jette Jorgensen serves as the Managing Director of Hubs for Strategic Development and Innovation at IKEA, known for its simple, well-designed, flat-pack furniture. IKEA is proposing to expand its DIY-model to a much larger scale: entire city centers. With a focus on sustainable development, Jette leads initiatives aimed at revitalizing urban spaces and building resilient communities for a sustainable future.

Join us alongside Jette Jorgensen as we explore IKEA's innovative strategies for revitalizing urban spaces. Gain insights into the company's approach to sustainable design, community engagement, and placemaking, all aimed at creating vibrant and resilient urban environments.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Jette Jorgensen at PLACExNordic, where we uncover the potential of collaboration between private sectors like IKEA and urban development initiatives in shaping the cities of tomorrow.

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