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Moa Sundberg

Urban Designer, City of Helsingborg


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Helsingborg –Changing Bureaucracy From Within: Placemaking as a New Approach

Moa has introduced new approaches to create safer public spaces in her workplace, the city of Helsingborg. How to push the boundaries on how we work when we want to create a change, in this case placemaking. She will explain what premises she has in her organisation to be able to be a creative bureaucrat and show examples of this – and give tips of what to do when you don’t have the premises within your organisation that you need to create change.

Moa Sundberg is an urban designer and responsible for creating safer public spaces in Helsingborg. Moa is always chasing after those never-thought-of solutions in order to reshape the urban landscape of her hometown Helsingborg, focusing on the social life, participation, equality and placemaking.

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