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Therese Brusberg

Director Gothenburg's 400th Anniversary
Göteborg & Co

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Becoming the Most Sustainable Destination in the World – Gothenburg's Journey to Becoming a Dynamic and Welcoming City for All

As the Director of Gothenburg's 400th Anniversary at Göteborg & Co, Therese Brusberg is at the helm of Gothenburg's journey towards sustainability and inclusivity. With a vision to become the most sustainable destination in the world, Therese spearheads initiatives to transform Gothenburg into a dynamic and welcoming city for all.

Join us alongside Therese Brusberg as we navigate through Gothenburg's path to sustainability. Gain insights into Göteborg & Co's innovative strategies, from eco-friendly initiatives to fostering inclusivity in urban planning. Discover how Gothenburg is redefining itself as a global leader in sustainable tourism under Therese Brusberg's leadership.

Embark on the journey with Therese Brusberg and Göteborg & Co at PLACExNordic, where we uncover Gothenburg's transformation into a vibrant and inclusive city for generations to come.

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