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Camilla Westman

Senior Adviser Talent Attraction &
Place Branding
Future Place Leadership

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Where Will the Skilled Workforce of the Future Want to Live and Why? Latest Data and Insights  From Talent City Index

Camilla Westman, Senior Adviser for Talent Attraction & Place Branding at Future Place Leadership, is at the forefront of understanding the dynamics of where the skilled workforce of the future will want to live. With a keen focus on data and insights, Camilla delves into the latest findings from the Talent City Index to unravel the factors driving talent attraction and retention in cities in Sweden and Finland.

Join us alongside Camilla Westman as we explore the evolving landscape of talent attraction and place branding. Gain valuable insights into the key determinants shaping the preferences of the skilled workforce and discover how cities can position themselves as desirable destinations for the talent of tomorrow.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain firsthand insights from Camilla Westman at PLACExNordic, where we delve into the data-driven strategies for creating thriving and attractive urban environments.

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