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Nikolaj Lubanski

Chief Operating Officer
Copenhagen Capacity

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From Policies to Attraction: How Do We Collaborate Across Europe to Be a Talent Destination for Global Talents

Nikolaj Lubanski serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Copenhagen Capacity, an organization dedicated to attracting investment, talent, and tourism to the Danish capital. With a focus on talent attraction and collaboration across Europe, Nikolaj leads initiatives aimed at positioning Greater Copenhagen as a leading destination for global talents.

Join us alongside Nikolaj Lubanski as we explore Copenhagen's journey from policies to attraction. Gain insights into the collaborative efforts across Europe to establish Copenhagen as a talent destination, fostering innovation, diversity, and economic growth.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Nikolaj Lubanski's expertise at PLACExNordic, where we uncover the strategies behind Copenhagen's success in talent attraction and collaboration on a global scale.

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