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Fernando Ballesta

Director of Foreign Trade, Investments & Industrial Infrastructures
Murcia Regional Development Agency

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Teching the Future: Small Region, Big Impact – with 'InvesTools' in Spain's Investment Scene

Fernando Ballesta, the Director of Foreign Trade, Investments & Industrial Infrastructures at the Murcia Regional Development Agency, is driving tech innovation to shape Spain's investment landscape. With a focus on leveraging technology to empower small regions, Fernando introduces 'InvesTools', a groundbreaking initiative with a big impact on Spain's investment scene.

Join us alongside Fernando Ballesta as we explore the transformative power of tech innovation in investment. Gain insights into how 'InvesTools' is revolutionizing Spain's investment landscape, making a significant impact despite the region's size.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Fernando Ballesta's expertise and discover how tech innovation is reshaping the future of investment in Spain. Join us at PLACExNordic to uncover the potential of 'InvesTools' and its role in driving economic growth and development.

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