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Maria Lypiatska


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Ukraine's Nation Brand: Navigating Crisis, Countering Disinformation, and Preserving Heritage in the Face of War

Maria Lypiatska, Head of Brand Ukraine, joins PLACExNordic as a keynote speaker, offering insights into Ukraine's nation brand management amidst turbulent times. With a robust background in branding and strategic communication, Maria brings expertise in navigating crisis and disinformation challenges.


“It was clear that Russia didn’t just want our land. They wanted to destroy the very idea of Ukraine - our statehood, our identity - and take away our freedom. Telling the world Ukraine’s story was a matter of survival. We had the world's attention, and we had to tell the world who we are, what we stand for, and make them care.”


At PLACExNordic, you will hear Maria recounting the gripping story of how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Communications team began preparing contingency plans, outlining the primary protocols for actions for their communications team in case of various scenarios – ranging from disinformation attacks and acts of terrorism to the escalation of hostilities in the temporarily occupied territories, and culminating in the potential full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


As Ukraine faces crisis and contends with disinformation, Maria's session uncovers the critical strategies employed to preserve the nation's heritage and identity. Discover firsthand how Ukraine navigates adversity while upholding its brand values and combating misinformation.

Join us at PLACExNordic to hear Maria Lypiatska's keynote address and take part in this insightful discussion on the resilience and evolution of nation brands.


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