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Laura Štrovalde

Deputy Director
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia


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Latvia's Response on Investment Attraction in Times of Urgent Climate, Economic and Societal Challenges

Laura Štrovalde's career has been dedicated to investment attraction, implementation of Innovation Strategy, and startup ecosystem acceleration in Latvia. With an absolute commitment to service excellence, she has a wealth of experience in strategic smart specialization approaches to foster reindustrialization, flagship project approach implementation, and new product development.

She will be talking about missionLatvia as a response and action towards economic and societal challenges that must be solved.

With missionLatvia we have created a process and initiative that brings together those who are aware of the need for change and want to participate in making it happen. The mission mindset provides possibilities for greater flexibility and connectivity between society, industries, organizations, and governments.

Mission-oriented approach to the government focuses on the desired outcomes of various government programs and policies. The course ensures that all government efforts are directed toward achieving clear and measurable goals. The mission-oriented process requires the government to have an effective monitoring and evaluation system to measure progress and verify results opposing challenges or complex political environments. This approach encourages government officials to think strategically and to be more accountable and transparent in their decision-making processes. 
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